About Us

Creative Connector is an online disability arts hub for Deaf and Disabled artists and creatives who want to discover accessible opportunities in the arts, find community, and spark new connections.

Creative Connector is in beta! We’re working with our members to create an experience that’s accessible and free from bugs.

A beta website is a site that’s nearly complete but still needs to be fine-tuned! Take a look around and let us know if you notice any bugs or want to share feedback!

Visit creativeconnector.art to learn more about how to get involved!

Prioritizing digital accessibility

Accessibility of digital tools is all too often dismissed or left to the end. Creative Connector prioritizes digital accessibility designing with the community at every step of the way to inform the development and useability of features.

We meet monthly with members of Creative Connector and stakeholders, to determine the direction of the space and what the priority needs are of our members.

For more information about our approach to accessible design, check out our accessibility page.